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Youth Africa Birding is an association of young, African based birders between the ages of 14 and 29, with an aim of promoting youthful birding on the African continent and in so doing bringing about a new dynamic, exciting, youthful approach to this popular hobby.

Birding across the world is a fast growing hobby, and what was once an ‘old boys club’ is now spreading into different cultures, religions and most importantly different age groups. Europe and North America have experienced the biggest spread of birding into the younger age groups, with youth birding clubs becoming extremely popular on all the above-mentioned continents. It is through these clubs/organizations that youthful birders are able to find solace and express their love for all things feathered without fear of being discriminated against by fellow youth. Unfortunately, there has never been a platform in Africa for any interested youth to pursue their passion and love for birding. It was with this in mind that Youth Africa Birding was created.

A platform for young birders to express their passion for birding, participate in monthly quizzes, get up to date information via a monthly newsletter (the Fledgling), share their trip reports and various birding experiences and participate in organized outings lead by professional bird guides/ experienced youth. Since the creation of Youth Africa Birding in 2015, the youth birding scene in South Africa has grown exponentially, the effects of the organization having reached as far as Ghana, Kenya and Uganda with over 500 members so far.


Youth Africa Birding strives to inspire the younger generation to get more involved in bird watching and the conservation of birds and encourage youth between the ages of 14 and 29 to enjoy the value of birding and nature as a whole.


Youth Africa Birding aspires to develop the youth birding scene in South Africa, and Africa, in order to preserve and conserve the pastime of birding which ultimately has a massive effect on the preservation and conservation of the continent’s birdlife. Focussing on youth between the ages of 14 and 29 we will strive to break the stereotypical views related to birding and allow for interested youth to freely and happily express and explore their interest in this pass time.