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Washington Wachira (Kenya)

Washington was born and raised in Kenya. He is a passionate birder and has molded a great career in conservation over the past ten years; having a deep interest for all life forms and the natural World. To many, he is known as a birder. He has been part of many research projects and has led many birding trips or expeditions across Kenya. He has nurtured and trained many budding birders in Kenya; and he also founded the Kenyatta University Birding Club in 2014. He is a member of the Bird Committee of Nature Kenya, and chairs the National Bird of Kenya Sub-committee. He is also a passionate nature photographer and has won many awards, including First Position in the Underwater Category of the 2016 East African Wild Life Photo Competition. When not on outdoors birding or leading a safari, he serves as the Manager for the Kenya Bird Map Project. His favorite bird is the Great (Black) Sparrowhawk.

Judith Mirembe (Uganda)

Judith is a highly experienced 25 year old Ugandan birder who is also chairperson of the Uganda Women Birders Club, an initiative to build the capacity of woman/ladies in birding/nature guiding so as to allow them to earn a livelihood. She started serious birding back in 2012 and currently works at Nature Uganda as a program assistant where she does research and monitoring on birds as well as working as a free-lance guide over the weekends. Judith strongly believes that “…birding is a hobby and a way to make friends, connections, and travel and I would like to influence others and youth to take it on”.